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Value risk assessment tools and services

We are proud to offer our customers options that support sound risk assessment techniques. In addition to providing a valuable facultative outlet, unsurpassed capacity and superior service, EDGE, our web-based life and disability underwriting manual reflects the latest in mortality and morbidity research. EDGE is continuously updated with research from a team of physicians, underwriters, analysts and biometric research experts.

Special Case Unit

Our Special Case Unit focuses on large and older age cases. The members of this team understand  their distinct risk profiles as well as the competitive nature of this business. The team handles all large, older age and SuperPool applications. They are available for consultation on the unique aspects of this business.

Underwriting Risk Management

Risk management is the central tenet of our business. The Risk Management team was created to help us and our clients recognize and understand the risks we share. We work with our clients to develop underwriting requirements and guidelines that are based on the latest information and research. We work together to monitor quality and ensure that our portfolios are healthy and performing as expected.


Our experienced team of medical directors are recognized experts in insurance medicine. Their expertise in mortality and morbidity research, clinical practice and risk selection is available to clients through facultative cases, underwriter education and the EDGE underwriting manual. We welcome opportunities to meet with clients to discuss emerging medical and risk selection issues.

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