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Putting experience to work for you

The Individual Life team brings together a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives – insurance marketing, underwriting, actuarial – that we put to work for you.

We believe it is critical that we understand each of our clients, their markets, products and unique requirements. Our focus is on growing relationships that provide real value. We respect our clients and understand that solid relationships are built on transparency. Munich Re offers:

  • Superior capacity
  • Excellent facultative services
  • The state-of-the-art EDGE underwriting manual
  • Dedicated experts for handling large and older-age

Our expertise is supplemented, when needed, by other groups within the company such as our Biometric Research department.


Our marketing, pricing and treaty staff are available to consult with you on the best way to achieve your desired outcome, whether you are planning to enter a new market or product line, need to manage capital or want to better understand the effect of changes in underwriting or policy parameters.

More information

When you are looking for a partner with the experience and financial strength to add real value to your business, please contact us.

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