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Reinsurance solutions

Individual Life Reinsurance

Our Individual Life division works with clients to develop unique business solutions using a client-focused approach to risk management and captial needs.

Living Benefits Reinsurance

As the preeiminent US reinsurer of individual disability insurance, we partner with our clients in managing morbidity-based products.

Group, Credit & Debt Protection Reinsurance

Reinsuring Group life, LTD, and Credit and Debt Protection products is our speciality. We understand and value the client/ broker relationship and work to create tailored solutions for their needs.

Underwriting & Medical

We are proud to offer our customers options that support sound risk assessment techniques through our valuable facultative support, unsurpassed capacity and superior service.


Mitigating risk in small and large claims is our specialty. With extensive claims experience in the direct and reinsurance markets, and with local and global experts within reach, we are a trusted resource for our clients.


Client Services

We have the clear vision to deliver innovative solutions that are tailored to our customers' unique needs and concerns. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that help clients adapt and grow successfully, while remaining focused on a rigorous approach to risk management.

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