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A unique approach and value-added service

We have been reinsuring a broad spectrum of group products since 1962 and credit and debt protection products since 1991. Today, we are proud to be the leading excess credit reinsurer and one of the largest group reinsurers in the US.

Our expanded team is focused on bringing you the latest expertise – in policy design, underwriting, claims – to ensure that your products are both competitive and profitable. We strive to be industry leaders through our active client education programs and involvement in industry groups. We respect the value of  client/broker relationships in these lines of business and work actively with brokers to create unique solutions to their clients’ needs.

Credit & Debt Protection Reinsurance

Munich Re is the premier provider of reinsurance for credit and debt protection life and disability insurance products. We also have the financial strength and expertise to assist companies in managing surplus strain. We have over 30 years' experience in this ever-changing market, which we stay closely connected to through board and committee representation with the Consumer Credit Industry Association and the Credit Insurers Association.   We can provide you with the expertise you are looking for, particularly in the areas of underwriting and claims.

Service Hours Program

We offer an innovative “service hours” program to our Group Life and LTD clients that allows them to access actuarial, underwriting and claims consulting services. Through this unique program, Group LTD clients have access to an agreed-upon amount of consulting work from The Smith Group, a recognized authority in the field. We provide life and LTD rate manual analysis that enables clients to benchmark selected segments against the market. We also provide group life and waiver claims best practice reviews, and onsite or remote underwriter training customized to our clients’ needs.

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