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Core Services

Our risk performance approach helps your clients deliver quality care, control spiraling costs and discover new opportunities and revenue streams in a constantly changing health care market.

As dedicated risk experts with a comprehensive understanding of that market, Managed Care and Reinsurance Solutions dedicates a team of qualified underwriting and actuarial professionals to support your clients initiatives and objectives. Our teams are assigned a limited number of clients, allowing us to spend the time necessary to become knowledgeable about and integral to their business. We identify needs and apply the extensive financial, personnel, and other resources in a manner that produces a tangible return.

Our ongoing consultative involvement is a key difference in our approach, adding value in the following areas:

  • Underwriting Guidance
  • Strategic Consulting Service
  • Advanced Actuarial Services
  • Responsive Claims Services
  • Care Management Capabilities—MedNet MHNASM
  • Financial Strength & Security

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