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Specialty Insurance

Our niche and specialty insurance and reinsurance products from our Specialty Insurance Division and affiliated US companies are an important part of our overall strategy to lead and grow responsibly and profitably in primary insurance niche segments.

Our insurance capabilities, along with insurance products and services delivered by our affiliated companies, add expertise and markets to meet our clients' risk transfer and risk management needs.

Specialty Markets (a division of Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.) offers custom risk transfer solutions and niche products for self-insurers, risk retention groups, pools, trusts, reciprocals, captives, and program administrators. Solutions may include admitted and non-admitted insurance products and reinsurance for a broad range of coverages.

Hartford Steam Boiler Group (HSB) is a leading global provider of specialty (re)insurance, inspection services and  engineering consulting for businesses, industries and institutions.


American Modern Insurance Group is a leader in providing specialty insurance through six property and casualty subsidiary companies for manufactured homes, dwellings, boats, motorcycles, collector cars, snowmobiles and recreational vehicles. 

By accessing the resources, products and services available from our affiliated companies we enable environmental responsibility, from educating companies interested in exploring green construction, to supporting the risk management needs of the largest energy-related construction projects and operations.

Green Construction & Consultation
Our affiliate, HSB, is uniquely equipped to help clients create a broad green offering that integrates equipment breakdown coverage with property insurance. Their team of insurance and technical professionals can provide information, marketing insights and underwriting input on green exposures to help clients launch an appropriate and competitive green product.  HSB’s green consulting services include:


  • Technical presentations on subjects such as “What are ‘green’ buildings?” and “What are the requirements of ‘green’ certifying organizations?”
  • Marketing insights into this evolving industry
  • Underwriting consulting on emerging green exposures
  • Green coverage design and wording
  • Assisting with claims and lending our technical knowledge in the event of losses that involve green exposures

Supporting Renewable Energies
In the case of projects involving renewable energies, losses in the double-digit million range are becoming increasingly common. This shows the growing demand for insurance in this branch of industry. Our clients can rely on the technical know-how, worldwide experience and individually tailored insurance solutions offered by our experts. There is great economic potential in the dynamically growing energy industry, but it also faces new risks associated with the new technologies and products. Our reinsurance products and services, complemented by the insurance products and services offered by our affiliated companies, help companies manage these risks so that they can concentrate on their business and profitable growth.

In the US underwriters within Specialty Markets' Corporate Insurance Partner Division provide risk solutions for engineering risks that include builder’s and operational risks for traditional and renewable energies. The underwriters, with advanced degrees in engineering, perform technical due diligence, loss mitigation, and other services related sound underwriting of large engineering risks like wind and solar farms, biomass projects and other energy facilities. 

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