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Solutions for tomorrow’s world

We have been successfully addressing the key challenges of the property/casualty reinsurance market since 1917. Today, our traditional reinsurance products include pro rata and excess treaty and facultative reinsurance solutions accessible directly or through intermediaries for a wide range of lines of business. We manage risks through one central idea–quality before volume. This approach enables us to apply our financial strength, stability and expert knowledge to develop innovative solutions for the risk landscapes of tomorrow.

Risk experts across our three US property/casualty business units work together to assemble the right mix of products and services, from traditional reinsurance coverages to niche and specialty reinsurance and insurance products–all with the goal of meeting our clients’ needs.

Our Risk Expertise Adds Value
As a member of Munich Re, the world’s largest reinsurer and with premium income over $4 billion in 2013, we are one of the largest reinsurers in the US, with expertise and resources that add value to our reinsurance relationships. Our success is founded on our solid capital base, responsible management and risk expertise – qualities from which our clients also benefit. Our recipe for success is to anticipate risks and deliver integrated, tailored solutions.

We create value by lending our expertise to the vast knowledge base around emerging exposures, by creating integrated solutions from among our diverse US business that benefit us and our clients, and by always striving to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Our knowledge and expertise gained from our own research and from our cooperative partnerships with respected organizations is incorporated into our products and services. We share our knowledge and risk expertise with clients and others through publications, newsletters, webinars, seminars, speaking engagements, training sessions, and hosted events. Possessing this knowledge and risk expertise makes us a premium reinsurance provider. Sharing it makes us an industry leader. 

Leadership Conference
The Leadership Conference provides senior executives with an update on industry trends and issues impacting their business. In a very compact time-frame, participants hear from analysts, industry experts, regulators, company CEOs, political experts and others on important topics to help them better manage their companies. 

Casualty Claims Seminar
Most insurer claims departments are forecasting a growing need for experienced adjusters. The need arises both because of changing demographics, with significant numbers of experienced adjusters likely to retire in the coming years, and shrinking training budgets. In response, our Claims department offers its own general claims expertise through a training program as a service to clients. The program’s objective is to increase the general skill level among primary carrier claims departments with practical and hands-on, sharing of information about principled, fair claims processes. 

Claims Executive Conference
The claims executive conference provides an update on claims trends, the regulatory and judicial environment,and best practices in claims management. By sharing our knowledge of the claims environment and the insights of industry experts, we aim to help our clients improve their claims management practices.

Emerging Exposures Monitoring
Our underwriting expertise adds value to our client relationships and raises industry awareness, especially with regard to emerging exposures. Our emerging exposures website and newsletter helps keep our client subscribers in touch with the latest news, reports, and publications available on emerging issues that could affect future claim and underwriting activity for the industry. Topics we monitor and report on include Internet/cyber liability, renewable energies, nanotechnology and emerging markets, among others. 

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