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Sustainable Investments

Investing Responsibly – Our Capital Management
Like all reinsurance companies, we are subject to strict security and return requirements set forth by the states in which we are registered (Delaware) and guidelines adopted by various rating agencies. This is not the only reason we are committed to investing our assets reliably and profitably. Our investments also fulfill binding sustainability criteria. A complete record of our own investments is a key component to successful capital management and long-term security at minimum risk. 

Our investment strategy is stringently geared to asset-liability management criteria and strict risk management. The asset-liability match ensures that we can always fulfill our short- and long-term obligations to our clients. Subject to this condition, we optimize our strategic and operative investment decisions.  In general, our investment strategy emphasizes maintaining a high-quality investment portfolio while providing stable periodic returns.

STAR Database Creates Transparency and Security
Knowing your own investments is the surest way to cope with crisis situations. In order to have a clear overall picture of the investment risks at all times, MEAG, Munich Re's asset manager, has developed a comprehensive database in cooperation with the experts throughout the worldwide organization: it is called STAR, which stands for Standardized Asset Management Reporting. It keeps a record of every security with all the key data. The aim is to achieve the greatest possible transparency and thus security. 

Sustainable Investments – Our General Investment Guidelines
Since environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues can affect portfolio performance, we take these issues into account in our investment analysis, decision-making, and in the exercising of any shareholder voting rights. Our asset manager, MEAG NY, seeks to align the selection of our investments with the broader ESG interests of society. We target 80% of our investments to be invested in sustainable indices, like DJ Sustainability Index, the FTSE4Good Index, the Environmental Sustainability Index, ASPI, KL Domini or any rating agent hired for this purpose by our parent company, Munich Re, in Germany (e.g., Ökom). 

In 2006, Munich Re became  the first German company to sign the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). Since the summer of 2009, Munich Re has also held a seat on the Board of the PRI Initiative, whose task it is to raise awareness of corporate governance as well as ecological and social aspects in connection with investments.  We are committed to these principles. 


Principles for Responsible Investing

In this environment of unprecedented change and opportunity, our path to continuing success is clear – uniting under a common mission, shared goals and a consistent standard of ethical conduct.

Project RENT

We are confident that renewables are the energy source of tomorrow and Munich Re is therefore investing in wind farms, solar farms and new technologies designed to increase generating capacity. Our strategic focus now features a new investment segment – “Renewable Energies and New Technologies” (RENT)

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