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Work-life Balance

Our outstanding benefits are supplemented by a variety of valuable programs that help to enrich the lives of employees and bridge the gap between work and home.

By offering flexible working hour programs when possible and providing practical support like adoption assistance, we help our employees bridge this gap. By supporting everyday work-life demands, we are helping to improve the quality of life for employees and their families. From a business perspective, such practical support is key to attracting and retaining talented staff who perform to the best of their abilities.


Employee Services
We offer a variety of services at our Princeton, NJ headquarters for the convenience of our employees. Many of our services make it possible for employees to manage and enjoy their free time more. Some of those services include:


  • Full service company store that offers snacks and sundries, discounted movie, theater and event tickets, gifts and cards;
  • Dry cleaning and shoe repair services;
  • Personal mail services;
  • Vehicle detailing services.

In addition, our subsidized cafeteria in our Princeton headquarters offers a wide variety of healthy food selections including an option for take-home dining.

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