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Training and Development

We are committed to a corporate culture that supports personal development opportunities, promotes self-reliance and rewards success and performance. We encourage learning and development at every level of the organization. After all, it is our expertise that sets our products and services apart and adds value to our client relationships. That expertise must be nurtured and developed if we are to maintain a competitive edge and retain the best staff in the industry.

Training In Every Field of Business
We advocate lifelong learning and offer a wide range of training options in each of our best-in-class business fields. We foster key skill and specialist staff training by organizing seminars, coaching and international assignments, and e-learning platforms accessible to staff worldwide.

Our learning and development strategy encourages employees to take an active role in managing their careers. It is supported by a number of programs that nurture developmental relationships and experiences through mentoring, feedback and training within a stimulating environment.

Tuition Assistance Program

Our tuition assistance program is a key component to encouraging career development among our staff. Eligible employees can receive financial assistance for approved courses and material taken at accredited institutions, including classes that lead to industry designations. In addition, we offer onsite classes at our Princeton office in support of professional development toward achieving Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter and Insurance Institute of America designations. 

Risk Analyst Rotation Program
Our Risk Analyst Rotation program prepares recent college graduates for future professional roles in the underwriting and actuarial fields. The two-and-a-half year program is an experience-based program combining foundational coursework, rotational assignments and business skills training. Industry exams will be utilized as a portion of the evaluation process. In addition to having access to subject matter experts throughout the program, Risk Analysts will also have mentors to help guide them through the program.

Actuarial Student Program
Our actuarial student program is designed to recognize and reward individuals for passing actuarial exams and obtaining actuarial designations.


Our internships offer students an opportunity to combine real-life work experiences with classroom and technical training. Our internship assignments introduce students to the reinsurance industry and its wide range of business functions. We offer interns opportunities to strengthen their professional and personal skills through our development training programs, and we encourage them to participate in our fundraising activities.

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