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Responsibility Towards Staff

Our employee policies are firmly based on a responsible corporate and leadership culture. We reward performance and encourage personal responsibility while facilitating personal development. This approach benefits our staff, contributes to financial success and safeguards our reputation.

Over 1,000 employees support Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. operations. The talents of staff, combined with those of our affiliated property/casualty and life/health operations, makes us a substantial force in the market. We respond with competitive benefits, investment in staff development and equal opportunities for all staff members.

Excellent Working Environment
We believe a supportive and diverse work environment is key to attracting employees who are engaged and dedicated to our business.  Therefore, we aim to create a workplace which rewards individuals for their efforts, promotes work-life balance, and offers employees opportunities to grow, prosper and advance in their careers. That is why we offer competitive, performance-based compensation, a generous benefits program, and numerous employee assistance programs.

Today more than ever companies are judged by their contributions to society. We have accepted this challenge and, in response, offer a positive corporate culture and excellent working conditions. 

Performance Management

Our performance management process is a collaborative partnership in which employees and their managers establish performance goals to support both the company’s business objectives and individual development.

Training and Development

Personal development is a core value. We are committed to a corporate culture that supports personal development opportunities, promotes self-reliance and rewards success and performance.

Work-life Balance

Our outstanding benefits are supplemented by a variety of valuable programs that help to enrich the lives of employees and bridge the gap between work and home.

Healthy Workplace

A healthy workplace takes several forms, from the physical conditions and comfort in the buildings and environment, to the programs and policies that encourage health and well-being of our employees.

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