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Healthy Workplace

Within our company, a healthy workplace takes several forms, from the physical conditions and comfort in the buildings and environment, to the programs and policies that encourage health and well-being of our employees.

Healthy Facilities
Our Facilities department is committed to providing a workplace that is responsible to employees and the environment. Our facilities are designed and managed for environmental responsibility, in balance with our obligations for fiscal and operational responsibility. We make every effort to keep our campus as healthy as possible for our employees and our visitors. With respect to office spaces in locations outside our Princeton campus, we are careful to select spaces that meet our stringent requirements for the health and safety of employees. Our Facilities department tests air, water, and food quality frequently to ensure we are meeting the highest standards.

Wellness Center
The Wellness Center at our Princeton NJ headquarters offers a number of valuable services to employees that encourage pro-active, preventive healthcare; help make routine healthcare obligations more convenient and easy to attend to; and save valuable time. The Wellness Center offers lunch and learn programs, health screening, routine medical checkups and care, prescription concierge and lab services, and annual flu vaccines. The Center also supports employee-organized weight management programs.

Best Doctors®
We leveraged our relationship with one of the top medical consulting firms in the country, Best Doctors®, to offer expert medical case review by top physicians.  Best Doctors® is the world’s leading resource for patients, families, and physicians seeking expert medical information and guidance to treat serious illnesses and injuries.  When individuals and families face overwhelming, complex medical decisions, this confidential, free medical resource service gives employees the opportunity to consult with some of the world’s top specialists to confirm diagnoses and treatments for a variety of medical illnesses. 


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