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Responsible Management

Reinsurance is a commitment to the future

Our business environment is dynamic, constantly changing, presenting new opportunities and challenging us with emerging and unforeseen risk.

From the realm of politics and commerce, society, technology and ecology we have selected the topics most critical to our business with the aim of identifying their driving forces, understanding new developments and mastering the challenges in our core business.


Forces like climate change and globalization, along with technological advancement and changing demographics present major challenges that we are meeting actively and flexibly. We confront these challenges by devising forward-thinking solutions that help us to stay a step ahead of the events and times that threaten our ability to meet our obligations to our clients and act in a sustainable and responsible manner for all stakeholders.
By understanding risk we can manage it, devising new coverage concepts, products and services. By understanding such risks and working with partners in the scientific and academic communities, we advance risk management knowledge and practices industry-wide.
Our colleagues in over 80 specialist fields and some 50 countries analyze the vast diversity of risks in our complex world, be they natural hazards, demographic trends or new diseases, and develop solutions on the basis of their expertise. Our objective is to consistently expand the boundaries of insurability. We assume social responsibility and bring economic, ecological and social requirements into harmony, while at the same time creating value for clients and investors.

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