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Corporate Responsibility

"Turning risk into value." This is the maxim we have anchored in our mission statement. We are committed to fulfilling our corporate responsibility towards our stakeholders. To keep this commitment, we have integrated responsible action into our strategy and have firmly embedded it in our organization.

We are committed to creating sustainable value for our clients in a responsible manner that gives full consideration to ecological and social aspects in the interests of our staff and for the benefit of society. We believe this holistic approach is the best way to secure the long-term success of our integrated business model. 
Reinsurance is a Commitment to the Future
Our commitment to corporate responsibility towards our stakeholders is marked by our prospective and prudent approach to business. The business model of reinsurance is built on our ability to always meet the obligations assumed under our contracts--obligations that may persist for decades. Our clients’ confidence in our financial stability is the basis of our business. That is why our business model incorporates the expertise needed to assess risks and to long-term, responsible management.

Organizational Anchoring of Corporate Responsibility
We institute corporate responsibility throughout our business, beginning with our commitment to the highest ethical conduct in our business practices and extending to the value we create in our reinsurance relationships and  for our stakeholders. It is found in our products and services, in our employment practices and policies, in our continuing efforts toward responsible use of natural resources in our business operations, and in our commitment to giving and volunteerism.

CEO Statement

At its most basic function, insurance is the transfer of risk. By dividing the cost of large losses among many, insurance helps to prevent individual entities from suffering a potentially devastating loss. But the impact of this goes far beyond any single loss. Our industry’s contribution to the economy is significant.

Guiding Principles

We have made a comprehensive voluntary commitment with our guiding principles for corporate responsibility. In terms of content, our activities are focused on integrating corporate responsibility in our business, environmental management and corporate citizenship.

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