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Guiding Principles

Our three pillars of action

We have made a comprehensive, voluntary commitment with our guiding principles for corporate responsibility. This commitment is demonstrated in three core activities.

Economic Responsibility – A sustainable approach to business
Economic responsibility is one of the three pillars of the triple bottom line approach to sustainable business. It goes beyond a company’s profit, taking into account an organization‘s impact on its economic environment. Our aim to achieve profitable growth and create long-term corporate value aligns naturally with the characteristics of sustainable business. Because at its heart, our business is about the future, and we have a unique capacity and responsibility to secure it.

We apply a sustainable approach to our business activities at every level, assuring that our products, processes and investments are in line with our guiding principles. We create long-term value by:


  • integrating corporate responsibility into our strategy;
  • taking appropriate account of our stakeholders’ interests;
  • tapping business potential by means of ideas, products and services for dealing with risks;
  • pursuing a sustainability-oriented investment policy;
  • applying integrated risk management.

In the worldwide Munich Re organization such value can be seen in microinsurance products that find untapped market potential while bolstering a developing economy. At Munich Reinsurance America, it’s finding efficient ways to serve small regional markets. It’s using our resources to develop turnkey products and integrated solutions that help our clients to grow. 
Environmental management system and carbon neutrality
We consider it our ecological responsibility to protect the environment for future generations, which is why we are actively committed to the preservation of our natural resources. This is also for entrepreneurial reasons: our core business is inextricably linked with the environment. We are directly affected by environmental impacts, such as the growing number of climate-related natural catastrophes. Environmental protection is therefore an indispensable component of our value-based management. 


We are committed to conducting our business operations in a sustainable manner and reducing our impact on the environment.  We strongly believe that our environmental impact is an important measure of our success as a company. Environmental sustainability is not a choice—a sustainable approach is part of our responsibility to serve our company, our employees, and the environment.  


Social commitment – The corporate citizenship concept
Our social responsibility is, at its highest level, based on a standard of ethically and legally impeccable conduct and is fulfilled in several ways:


  • By using our knowledge and resources to lead dialogue and public debate about risk;
  • Through a sustainable human resources policy  that rewards performance, promotes individual responsibility and facilitates personal development;
  • By valuing balance between work and home and having policies and programs in place that promote well-being among employees;
  • Through our commitment to social projects in which we can actively contribute our knowledge of risk and other resources. 

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