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A Statement about Corporate Responsibility from our CEO

At its most basic function, insurance is the transfer of risk. By dividing the cost of large losses among many, insurance helps to prevent individual entities from suffering a potentially devastating loss. But the impact of insurance goes far beyond any single loss. Our industry’s contribution to society and the economy is significant. I like to say, "Insurance is like the invisible hand in the economy that makes a vibrant society function efficiently."

Consider these facts, published by the Insurance Information Institute:


  • The property-casualty insurance industry has over $1.6 trillion in financial assets in the U.S., much of it invested in state and local municipal bonds that help fund the building of roads, schools and other public projects.
  • Insurers provide businesses with capital for research, expansions and other ventures through their holdings in stocks and bonds.
  • Insurance carriers and related activities account for a significant portion of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product.
  • Property-casualty and life-health insurance companies paid $16.7 billion in premium taxes in 2012, or $53 for every person living in the United States.
  • The insurance industry is a major contributor to charitable causes, with donations totaling over $500 million in 2010.
  • The insurance industry employed nearly 2.4 million people in 2013 in jobs that encompass a wide variety of careers, from human resource administrators to public relations managers to financial analysts.

That’s 2.4 million people paying taxes, spending, saving—all of the activities that are vital to a healthy economy. Without insurance, the economy could not function as we know it. Investors would avoid lending money without protection from devastating loss. Risk would not be taken. Progress would not be made. We are enablers—of innovation, of progress, of technology. Risk and progress go hand-in-hand. By finding ways to insure risk, we find ways to move forward.
Our industry’s impact on society and the economy is deep and wide. And as one of the largest participants in an industry that is so vital to society and the economy, our responsibilities are many, beginning with our clients to whom we have promised to meet obligations that may persist well into the future. It is incumbent upon us to act responsibly and with a long-term view in order to ensure our future success.


We believe sustainability—true, long-term success—can only be achieved by considering all of our stakeholders interests. Our organization’s triple bottom line approach assures our actions are geared toward acting responsibly toward all of our stakeholders by considering the economic, environmental and social impact of our business.

As one of the largest companies operating in the most important insurance market in the world, we have the opportunity to significantly and positively impact the triple bottom line, and we are: 

  • By measuring our financial success in terms of the value to all of our stakeholders;
  • By balancing fiscal responsibility with progress toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2015 and minimizing our impact to the limited natural resources upon which we all depend;
  • By considering the consequences of environmental and climate change in our products;
  • By adhering to a policy of risk adequate pricing;
  • By always acting with the highest ethical and legal standards;
  • By adopting programs and policies in place that reward performance, encourage personal and professional growth and promote balance for employees between work and home life.

This website describes these successes and more. They are our contributions to the corporate responsibility goals and objectives Munich Re has set out for the entire international organization. We encourage you to read more about the responsible actions we are taking in the U.S. market in support of our corporate responsibility vision and commitments, and we welcome your comments. 
Tony Kuczinski
CEO, Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.

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