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Code of Conduct and Ethics

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics is the cornerstone of our ongoing commitment to the principles of ethical and lawful behavior. It explains in a practical way the basic rules that apply to all of us in our work. It also underscores everyone’s personal responsibility to speak up if we ever see something that does not seem right and our promise to protect and respect those who raise legal or ethical issues.

Integrity is, and must continue to be, the basis of all our corporate relationships. Summarized within our Code of Conduct and Ethics are the fundamental principles which form the framework for preserving our business and our good name and reputation. It is the goal of these policies to prevent the occurrence of unethical or unlawful situations, to halt any such situation that may occur as soon as reasonably possible after its discovery and to discipline those who engage in it as well as individuals who fail to exercise appropriate supervision and oversight.

We require all employees to review the Code annually and certify that their actions are consistent with our Code and reflect our commitment to always do the right thing. In addition, each employee must actively participate in role-based compliance and ethics training.

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics includes detailed guidance and many helpful resources for employees with concerns about compliance or ethics. It addresses issues including, but not limited to:


  • Non-discrimination
  • Conflicts of interest (gifts, bribery, gratuities)
  • Insider trading
  • Financial crimes
  • Competition and antitrust rules
  • Relations with business partners and clients
  • Integrity of information and communication

Our Code can be summarized by these statements:


We are committed to maintaining an inclusive, healthy work environment. 
We are committed to integrity in our workplace.
We are committed to maintaining integrity and fairness in the marketplace.
We are committed to protecting our assets and reputation.
We are committed to fair and honest competition and market conduct.
We are committed to always doing the right thing.

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