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Munich-American Holding Corporation, the holding company for Munich Re’s US businesses, is fully committed to conducting its business fairly, in a clearly ethical manner, and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

By "a clearly ethical manner," we mean working honestly, fairly, and with integrity and respect. Our Code of Conduct and Ethics is the cornerstone of our ongoing commitment to these principles.

Our commitment to always do the right thing sometimes requires us to go beyond the strict requirements of the law to find the right result. This higher ethical standard protects our reputation and earns the confidence of our fellow employees, our regulators and, in turn, our clients and stakeholders. For all these reasons, it is clear that compliance is good for business and that effective compliance makes good business sense.


The complexity of the US legal and regulatory environment requires that the company continue to ensure proper controls are in place for regulatory compliance.  Our Legal Services department works across the US companies to address the many challenges of a changing regulatory and corporate environment. 


Compliance Hotline
Munich-American Holding Corporation provides several confidential reporting methods to hear employees’ concerns or incidents of misconduct, including a toll free compliance hotline and various other reporting methods. We will not tolerate retaliation of any kind as a result of the filing of a good faith complaint or report of illegal or unethical conduct.

Corporate Compliance Center
We have established a web-based training tool designed to give employees the knowledge they need to recognize issues with important ethical and legal consequences and to know when to seek advice from other colleagues and experts within Munich Re. The training covers human resource issues, ethical business practices, financial practices and international business practices. It is designed to give employees the practical knowledge they need to recognize legal and ethical issues they may encounter on the job, to make sound decisions, and to know when to seek legal assistance.

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