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Social Commitment - Investment in the Future

Our social commitment is aimed at taking action that is effective and appropriate. As reinsurers, we offer a promise of cover for the future, helping business and people plan their activities. We therefore support initiatives selected according to clearly defined criteria. For instance, projects must be credible and feasible. Stakeholders internally and externally must be able to identify with them, and they need to be of evident and lasting benefit to the community.

Strengthening the Dialogue Between Industry and Society
We participate in a number of partnerships that promote responsible risk management and respond to the challenges we face as an industry and as a member of society. We believe the two are linked—insurance helps to make tomorrow’s risks insurable.

We share our knowledge in a variety of ways: through publications, by participating in industry seminars and events, and by hosting training sessions and supporting independent organizations that promote industry education.

Social Responsibility – Donations and Voluntary Work
Our core business and main strengths lie in identifying and managing risks. However, we are aware that people sometimes find themselves in need through no fault of their own. Our response is to provide financial support and voluntary help for social projects and institutions in the communities where we work and live. We encourage and support employee involvement in worthwhile causes such as March of Dimes and the Komen Mission (Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure) through donations of time and money. 

Working for a Healthier Society
We work for a healthier society by promoting healthcare education and supporting diagnostic, treatment, and preventive initiatives among our employees. We encourage employees to take advantage of wellness programs provided by select third parties like Best Doctors and LifeCare, in addition to offering health programs, screenings and learning programs through our Wellness Center. 

With regard to health benefits, our strategy is designed to empower employees to make wise choices about their healthcare participation with a special emphasis on prevention as part of that strategy. We provide resources employees can use to make quality decisions about their health benefit plans that can significantly impact their health and manage their health costs.

Supporting Communities and Programs

Munich Reinsurance America has a long history of in a variety of ways that engage employees and encourage cooperation across businesses and generations.

HSB Supporting Communities and Programs

Our affiliate, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company, believes businesses that are dedicated to the community reap more benefits than simply their own prosperity and growth.

American Modern Supporting Communities and Programs

American Modern Insurance Group and its associates lead successful annual campaigns for the United Way for the Fine Arts Fund, and for local art organizations.

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