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Industry Dialogue

Strengthening the dialogue between industry and society

We participate in a number of partnerships that benefit society by promoting responsible risk management and responding to the challenges we face as an industry and as a society. We believe the two are linked, for insurance is key to making tomorrow’s risks insurable.

By lending our expertise to the vast knowledge base around weather and natural catastrophe, we advance general scientific understanding and promote risk-adequate pricing, while simultaneously working to mitigate losses through better building and construction practices and sustainable development. Our knowledge and expertise gained from our own research and from our cooperative partnerships with respected organizations informs industry conversation around the most challenging issues we face.

We share our knowledge in a variety of ways: through publications, by participating in industry seminars and events, and by hosting training sessions. We support industry organizations whose missions are to educate and inform through our memberships and sponsorships as well as direct donations and giving of other valuable assets: our time and expertise.

Catastrophe Management

Our Risk Accumulation staff is dedicated to managing accumulated catastrophe risks, not only for our own exposures but also as a resource for clients who seek to better manage their property and workers compensation catastrophe portfolios, for both natural catastrophe and terrorism.

Sustainable Development

Part of our commitment to sustainable development includes being a member company of the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS). Research and testing at IBHS helps to establish clear, scientifically sound benchmarks for disaster-resistant design and construction of buildings and helps to refine current product and system testing standards.

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