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Catastrophe Management

Resources for Economic Responsibility

We promote responsible and informed risk management practices and risk-adequate pricing among all of our stakeholders through dialogue, education and engagement.

Catastrophe Management Consulting
Our Risk Accumulation staff is dedicated to managing accumulated catastrophe risks, not only for our own exposures but also as a resource for clients who seek to better manage their property and workers' compensation catastrophe portfolios, for both natural catastrophe and terrorism.

Their in-depth knowledge and expertise adds value to our client relationships and makes us a premium reinsurance provider. Sharing this knowledge through our webinars and by participating at conferences and other events makes us an industry leader.

We focus on:

Exposure Quality - we educate clients and others on the impact of data & modeling assumptions on results. The catastrophe modeling reviews we perform for clients focus on their exposures, catastrophe management practices, systems & processes, as well as assumptions applied to the exposure data. Our reviews provide valuable feedback for clients and contribute to better underwriting practices industry-wide.

Geoscience expertise – with meteorologists on staff in our Princeton office and the full resources of Munich Re’s extensive expertise in climate and meteorologic exposures, we educate clients on a variety of scientific topics, in particular climate change, and the components of catastrophe models.

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