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We consider it our ecological responsibility to protect the environment for future generations, which is why we are actively committed to the preservation of our natural resources. This is also for entrepreneurial reasons: our core business is inextricably linked with ecological aspects.

Setting Environmental Goals and Operational Standards
Our central objective is to minimize environmental pollution created by our business operations. We are therefore reducing our consumption of paper, water and energy and cutting our travel, waste and energy emissions. In doing so, we apply the highest technical standards wherever economically feasible.

We help to protect our natural environment, in particular by:

  • Considering the consequences of climate and environmental change in our product policy and thus helping to increase awareness and influence behavior;
  • Employing tools within our core business to encourage preventive measures designed to avert harmful environmental impacts;
  • Identifying ways to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for energy and promote increased awareness  of the use of natural resources in our business operations.

Responsible Processing
The insurance products offered by our affiliated companies in the U.S. are responsible in content as well as execution.


American Modern Insurance Group, for example, launched its TREE2 program to encourage its 1.4 million policyholders to enroll in electronic billing. The goal is to reduce the amount of paper used in billing, both from the company and also from its customers.

Hartford Steam Boiler offers a range of on-line services to its agents, insurance company clients and engineering services customers.  These services aim to make business transactions with HSB easier and faster, and with less impact to the environment. Through HSB’s online services, customers can receive quotes, schedule inspections, manage their accounts and policies, and more. 

Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality is in keeping with a commitment set down in our guiding principles for corporate responsibility: that we will protect our natural environment through measures such as the careful use of natural resources.

Energy Reduction

The substantive nature of our energy-saving programs and the expertise within our Corporate Facilities division have been recognized by the NJBPU Clean Energy Program and other organizations.

Solar Power Project

We believe that one of the best ways to lead is by example. Munich Re targets 2015 to be carbon neutral throughout its worldwide reinsurance group operations. To help meet this goal, we have installed a 2.5-megawatt solar power generation system at our Princeton area headquarters.

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