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Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality is a commitment set down in our guiding principles for corporate responsibility: we will protect our natural environment through measures such as the careful use of natural resources.

Our aim is to achieve our carbon-neutrality target first through actions like introducing energy-efficiency measures and investing in renewable energies. We will purchase emission credits only for unavoidable emissions.

Achieving Carbon Neutrality
In 2007, the Board of Management at our parent company, Munich Re in Germany, approved a carbon-neutrality strategy for the reinsurance group. The first major milestone was reached when Munich Re’s Munich headquarters reached carbon neutral status in 2009. We aim to follow suit as part of the next major milestone for the worldwide reinsurance group. 

Working within the confines of reasonable fiscal responsibility, our Corporate Facilities department has embarked on a multi-year effort to reduce the negative impact the organization has on the environment across all facets of sustainability, including our goal to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2015, while reducing operating costs, where possible, on a long-term basis.

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