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New technology

Continuing support of innovative technologies

We have a long history of supporting progress. Promoting new technologies by developing tailor-made coverage concepts is an integral part of our core business. We contribute our expertise and work in close collaboration with our partners in research and science and with our parent company, Munich Re in Germany, where power generation, especially from renewable sources of energy has become a special focus of activity.

Engineers within our operations and at our related companies contribute to the corporate conversation about technology, finding ways to insure it and, in turn, finding ways to move forward. At our affiliate, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co. (HSB), engineers provide valuable insight to underwriters working to develop coverage solutions for new technologies in power generation, including green building technologies. As an established provider of boiler, machinery and equipment coverage, HSB is a leader in providing coverage and advice for businesses and institutions as they transition to new power sources that harness solar and wind energy.


In support of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, our colleagues in Munich developed the first coverages used worldwide for photovoltaic modules. Engineer-underwriters in our Specialty Markets Corporate Insurance Partner Division consult on the largest of energy-related construction projects and operational risks. In this way, we turn knowledge into progress. 

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