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Global financial markets

Disciplined financial management for sustained, long-term growth

We systematically pursue a risk and investment strategy that secures sustainable development for both us and our clients. We do not allow short-term trends in the financial markets to throw us off course. Our successful management through the financial market crisis confirms we are on the right track.

Developments since the beginning of this decade have shown that we must expect volatility in the financial markets to remain. Where and when crises and booms develop in the future and the magnitude they assume is impossible to predict with certainty given the complexities involved. Our risk and investment strategy allows for this fact. It is against this background that we define our strategy. 


Our integrated risk management approach enables us to identify and manage all the relevant risks in our operations. Our investment policy allows only investments based on our defined risk appetite and on the principles of sustainability. Our value and risk-based management is geared to the evaluation of risk on an economic basis. We consider only investment returns – particularly in the case of long-term business – that can be achieved even in times of crisis.

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