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Addressing the challenges of demographic change

Demographic trends will have a noticeable impact on our society. The industrial nations are facing aging populations and falling birth rates, and the insurance industry needs to find new solutions to these demographic changes. Our parent company, Munich Re in Germany, is using its extensive knowledge to devise models tailored to the changing age structure in its different areas of activity, especially in the Life and Health divisions.

Indeed, the reinsurance industry is facing a shortage of experienced reinsurance professionals in the face of changing demographics. Our claims training seminars conducted for US clients and a variety of innovative training programs are helping to address this challenge through knowledge transfer and training for tomorrow’s workforce. 

And just as our business must take the larger risk picture into account, we believe it’s important that employees expand their horizons. We encourage this through programs like international assignments, rotational programs where new recruits quickly develop knowledge in critical areas throughout our operations from a diverse group of colleagues, and by encouraging employees to take part in a wide variety of training and personal development offerings. By encouraging growth and development among employees at all stages of their careers, we are managing operational risk associated with changing demographics.

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