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An accurate, actionable view into your causes of commercial auto loss (first report free)

Munich Re’s Smart Mobility team offers offer a simple approach to the complex issues surrounding commercial auto risk—and Munich Re’s LossDetect® is the first step on the road to reducing both the frequency and severity of accidents. In a matter of seconds, LossDetect analyzes your loss categories, their frequency and severity and shows you the percentage of losses that are classified as preventable in the future. 

Once loss data is analyzed by LossDetect, our Smart Mobility analysts recommend collision avoidance, telematics, driver coaching or fleet monitoring solutions, uniquely matched to your fleet characteristics to help you mitigate future losses.

LossDetect is Unique

While there are many industry studies and analyses of the categories and causes of commercial vehicle accidents and their resulting cost to fleet operators and insurance providers, only LossDetect provides our clients with a systemic and detailed evaluation of your fleet’s unique losses within seconds.

How It Works

  • LossDetect analyzes large volumes of data in just seconds, giving you fast insight into your savings potential.
  • LossDetect utilizes your unique auto loss data—not industry averages, vendor studies or incident data from different geographical areas.
  • Because LossDetect analyzes causes of loss, rather than just the effects.
  • Follow-up reports are prepared by experienced analysts and provide specific recommendations designed for your specific needs.

Your data + $billions of industry loss data provide an accurate, actionable view of your causes of loss.

Why LossDetect is unique

Reviewed nearly $5B in losses to identify business and key word rules
Data Cleansing
Abbreviations and misspelled words, and inconsistencies and existing labels
Feature Selection
Text is converted into vectors to make it a computable feature. We calculate the significance of each feature with statistical tests and select only the high-quality features before modeling.
Binary Classifiers
For each cause of loss, we assign a binary classifier allowing us to prioritize multiple causes of loss.
For each description, we combine the results of all binary classifiers before arriving at the results

It's easy to get started

Simply upload your loss data into the LossDetect portal. Only four data elements are needed.
Vehicle identifier
Accident description
Total incurred
Date of occurrence
When your LossDetect submission is completed, Smart Mobility analysts will review your data to recommend a fleet safety solution for your specific needs and discuss the options with you in detail.

Get your free LossDetect analysis today!

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Bruce Weisgerber
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