Collision Avoidance

Aftermarket Collision avoidance technology is a key component of Smart Mobility. Today, the best collision avoidance systems combine telematics and technology to help prevent accidents real-time, as well as flag problem areas and drivers so that fleet managers can lessen the likelihood of future collisions.

Technology Solutions

Munich Re's Smart Mobility has teamed up with Mobileye, a leader in fleet safety and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to provide best-in-class collision avoidance technology. Fleets of all sizes have achieved significant reductions in collisions and losses since implementing Mobileye’s solutions, which are now deployed in over 40 million vehicles worldwide.

Mobileye 6 Series: For most fleet types

Mobileye® 6 can be installed in almost any vehicle. It is designed to warn drivers when a threat is detected with simple visual and audible alerts – in real time – giving drivers enough warning to possibly avoid or mitigate a collision. Drivers are alerted of potential forward collisions with another vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist, unintended lane departures, following too closely to a vehicle in front, and speeding. Mobileye 6 consists of a windshield-mounted vision sensor and a visual display unit which can be installed in less than 90 minutes.

Download product sheet here

Mobileye® 8 Connect™: For most fleet types

Mobileye 8 Connect has all the features and benefits of Mobile 6. Plus, Mobileye 8 Connect has been enhanced to include an improved camera with a wider field of vision, “smart” driver alert configuration, GPS tracking for actionable road data to help fleet managers operate routes more safely and effectively, and a fleet management system (FMS) to enable effective vehicle oversight.

Download product sheet here

Mobileye® Shield+™: For large city and commercial vehicles

Mobileye Shield+ is a collision avoidance system designed for large municipal vehicles such as buses and garbage trucks that contend with large blind spots, especially during turns.  Mobileye Shield+ consists of multiple vision sensors and visual display units that are designed to alert drivers to potential impending collisions. It has all the features of Mobileye 6 plus safety features that address large blind spots, greater turning radii, and other challenges unique to urban drivers. 

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Bruce Weisgerber
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