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Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. (Munich Re) Smart Mobility team has created a new approach to reducing commercial fleet risk and collisions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),
40% of motor vehicle accidents are work-related. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 6,000 people, including 2,400 children, are injured in fleet accidents in the U.S. every year.

By analyzing a fleet’s collision data and addressing preventable collisions with technology solutions, we enable carriers, brokers, and fleet operators to make informed decisions on how best to improve driver safety and make roads less hazardous.

Using Munich Re’s patent pending LossDetect® software, the Smart Mobility team analyzes specific causes of loss and recommends a technology-driven product that matches the needs of each individual fleet. We have partnered with leading advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) vendors in collision avoidance, telematics, driver coaching, and fleet monitoring to make Smart Mobility solutions more convenient and accessible for fleets, carriers, brokers, and captives.

Collision Avoidance

Collision avoidance systems (CAS) are designed to detect an impending collision and help the driver avert the collision or reduce its severity. A CAS employs multiple sensors that are capable of identifying and warning the driver of hazards around their vehicle, such as pedestrians, cyclists, motor vehicles, and other obstructions. Many collision avoidance systems also include lane departure, blind spot, and speed limit warnings.

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Telematics helps fleet managers monitor each vehicle’s performance, location, and other important readings, all in one central platform. Multiple telematics options are available either stand-alone or combined with other options, providing operational insights and savings via reporting dashboards.

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Driver Coaching

While many accidents involve unavoidable factors and split-second reactions, baseline safety starts with your drivers. Our customized training options provide individualized recommendations based, and focused on, improving driver performance over the long term.

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Advanced Fleet Monitoring

Build a culture of accountability and safety by not only monitoring data, but also using it to make ongoing improvements. Smart Mobility’s approach offers several solutions that provide individual driver feedback combined with an overall fleet assessment using advanced analytics.

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Why Smart Mobility?

  • With our Smart Mobility team’s solutions, insurers are able to help customers mitigate accident frequency and severity, reduce risks, and lower operating costs. Everyone wins — carriers, insureds, and drivers.
  • Our solutions help captives improve commercial auto performance by decreasing losses and sharpening underwriting and claims management. Make critical decisions based on real data, provide a valuable service to your insureds, and be seen as an innovative, technology-driven partner.
  • Fleet owners and operators can use Smart Mobility’s approach to reduce accidents and keep their drivers safe on the job. Install and deploy effective commercial auto safety and risk mitigation technologies at “economy of scale” price points. And, since Munich Re Smart Mobility has established relationships with best-in-class partners, there is no need to spend time and money on finding and evaluating the right products.
Provide a value-added service to your insureds/members
Be seen as a true partner
Improved loss performance
Hard data to improve underwriting and claims management
Provide a value-added service to your insureds/members
Be seen as an innovator in your field
Improved loss performance and maintain pricing
Hard data to improve underwriting and claims management
Preferred pricing
Loss reduction
Operational efficiencies
Improved safety

Smart Mobility Fleet Tech

AI Fire, a leading fire and life safety services provider, recently implemented the Smart Mobility Fleet Tech offering nationally. Fleet Tech is a customized commercial auto insurance product that starts with a LossDetect® analysis to determine the best path forward using data, technology, and ongoing fleet monitoring to address commercial auto losses.

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Bruce Weisgerber
Bruce Weisgerber
Mobility Solutions Center Leader, Smart Mobility Accelerator
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Shari Schwartz Zola
Smart Mobility Operations Lead
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Smart Mobility
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