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Smart Mobility is the simple solution to the complex issues surrounding auto risks. Smart Mobility’s systematic approach in evaluating our clients’ needs for mobility-based auto insurance solutions includes:

  • Conducting a detailed LossDetect® analysis of a client’s auto book of business
  • Reviewing a client’s insured fleet characteristics and existing safety measures
Click the button below to receive a customized LossDetect® Analysis.
Based on this analysis, we will outline the technology solutions to address a client’s causes of loss. The end result will be a match of a client’s loss mitigation needs with a technology solution, driver training option, fleet management software or other options.
The fleet safety solutions available with Smart Mobility include aftermarket collision avoidance systems, telematics for monitoring vehicles and data-driven driver training and coaching.

Current technologies presented in our Smart Mobility program include:

Collision Avoidance

Collision avoidance systems (CAS) are designed to detect an impending collision and help the driver avert it or reduce the severity of the collision. A CAS employs multiple sensors that are capable of identifying and warning the driver of hazards around their vehicle, such as people, cyclists, motorized vehicles and other obstructions. Many collision avoidance systems also include lane departure, blind spot and speed limit warnings.

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Multiple telematics options are available either, stand-alone or combined with other options, providing operational insights and savings via reporting dashboards.

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Driver Coaching

Customized training options that provide individualized recommendations based on driver performance focused on improving driver safety.

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Advanced Fleet Monitoring

Several solutions are available that provide individual driver feedback and fleet assessment utilizing advanced analytics.

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Smart Mobility Lead
Michael Scrudato
Michael Scrudato
Senior Vice President, New Strategic Markets
Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.
Follow Our Mobility Team:
Bruce Weisgerber
Bruce Weisgerber
Mobility Solutions Center Leader, New Strategic Markets
Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.

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