Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation Expert

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    Professional headshot of Lovell Hodge

    Lovell Hodge, PhD
    Vice President of Data and Adaptive Intelligence

    Dr. Lovell Hodge has over 25 years of experience in information technology and artificial intelligence in academia, banking, and insurance. At Munich Re, he conceives and implements leading-edge solutions to modernize and transform how life and disability insurance products are underwritten, managed, and sold. With areas of focus that include data and knowledge-based systems, artificial neural networks, intelligent multi-agent systems, fuzzy logic, and genetic algorithms, Dr. Hodge has developed several advanced AI solutions for fraud detection, pattern recognition, cancer recognition, customer profiling, multi-agent coordination and medical rule-based decision support systems. His work is published in both technical and general business publications, and he is a regular presenter at industry conferences. 

    Generative AI has the potential to transform life insurance underwriting by helping structure data for decisioning support and allowing continuous auditing for underwriting performance monitoring. We are evaluating ways AI can serve and expand the life insurance market such as offering more individualized products and more responsive customer interactions.

    Industry Leadership and Professional Designations

    • Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Computer Science; Ph.D. in Systems Design Engineering, majoring in Artificial Intelligence

    • U.S. Patent, new method for processing encrypted data with encrypted models 

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