Integrated Analytics Expert

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    Adnan Haque, 2nd Vice President, Integrated Analytics

    Adnan Haque
    Vice President, Integrated Analytics

    Mr. Haque is the founder and team leader of alitheia, Munich Re’s instantaneous, automated digital underwriting platform enabling digital transformation in the US life insurance industry. Since joining Munich Re, Mr. Haque has applied data science and machine learning techniques to transform multiple Munich Re and client projects, including the development and implementation of misrepresentation, mortality, and triage models.

    A frequent speaker at industry conferences, Mr. Haque currently focuses on risk selection using predictive models, rules, and third-party data at the point of sale. His team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, and underwriting risk specialists provide best-in-class risk assessment to increase insurability and reach more customers.

    Munich Re is helping insurance carriers stay at the forefront of change by developing the innovative tools they need to meet new market demands and grow their digital businesses in a risk-informed way.

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