Careers at Munich Re Life US

Build your future – with a global leader who will help you activate your full potential

At Munich Re, you'll join a deeply talented, diverse network of colleagues. You’ll engage with your team in building innovative solutions – to make the world act braver and better.

Together we embrace a culture where multiskilled teams dare to think big. We create the new and the different for our clients and cultivate innovation. We offer our employees a diverse and challenging work environment that champions high performance, professional development, innovation and passion; and rewards top performers with a highly competitive total rewards package.

As the world's leading reinsurance company with 40,000 employees at over 50 locations in all parts of the world, Munich Re introduces a paradigm shift in the way you think about insurance. Munich Re Life US is one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance and insurance-related risk solutions. We have teams across Atlanta, Chicago and New York who partner with clients to leverage smart, connected data, embrace new ideas and technologies, help them make confident decisions at speed and scale, and gain an exponential understanding of their underlying risks.

Our strengths are based on a track record of deep risk expertise, innovative thinking and a fundamental understanding of the capital management needs of primary insurance companies.

We are flexible, analytical and strategic thinkers who bring our expertise and creative problem-solving to client challenges. Our culture values performance and nurtures mutual respect and trust – all of which make sharing and expanding knowledge a great experience. And, it helps Munich Re maintain its competitive edge.

diverse collaborative global
network of people
sites across six continents

Join us and work on topics today that will impact society tomorrow.

You are an expert, passionate about your field and curious to explore new horizons. As a team player with excellent communication skills, you thrive in diverse settings. Sounds like you? Make it happen and be part of Munich Re

Turn expertise into excellence: The power of networked knowledge

Our values

We strive to exemplify our core values that shape our culture and how we conduct business. It expresses the approach we take to achieve our mission and vision – and how we treat each other and our clients along the way:

  • Passion to compete
  • Accountable
  • Agile and adaptive
  • Collaborative
  • Respectful
  • Leverage diversity

Join our team

We are looking for the best and brightest in the industry.

From actuarial and underwriting professionals, to data scientists, data engineers, doctors, lawyers, business transformation leaders and more, our teams come together to drive how we manage risks in a fast-changing world.

The diverse backgrounds of our colleagues enhances our ability to deliver insights that matter to the millions of individuals benefitting for vital protection of life reinsurance.

If you are a motivated, curious, strategic thinker with an interest in building a career that transforms the future of risk and expands the boundaries of reinsurance, learn more about the exciting opportunities offered at Munich Re Life US.

Featured Jobs

Munich Re is seeking a Senior Software Engineer that specializes in the creation of the data-intensive, high-availability services needed to bring new predictive applications to market. The Integrated Analytics department is looking for individuals who thrive in a collaborative and fast-paced working culture and who are eager to learn and grow from their peers.
We are currently hiring a Senior Business Analyst to join our Integrated Analytics team in New York. This role will serve as a liaison between our clients and our Risk Specialists, Data Scientists and Engineers to deliver solutions for core challenges in the life insurance industry backed by machine learning and best-in-class risk assessment techniques.

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