MIRA is our online underwriting and claims manual. It is the gateway to our underwriting and claims philosophies, practices and processes giving you instant access to an enormous and continuously evolving pool of rating recommendations based on Munich Re's global knowledge and experience.


MIRA supports an approach to underwriting where risk is assessed by evidence based ratings and current medical prognosis. It is continuously developed and being enhanced with improvements to the functionality to support you in the underwriting process.

Underwriters can use MIRA to:

  • access Munich Re UK's entire underwriting philosophy for life critical illness and disability products
  • utilise functionality which allows for personalisation to customise to your needs and level of experience, including a personal and shared notes facility
  • obtain information easily and quickly including access to evidence based risk profiles
  • access expert advice when processing complex cases
  • produce rating recommendations quickly and efficiently that can be summarised and saved for referral (using our 'Risk Synopsis' tool)

Evidence based ratings

The Munich Re Group's Centre of Competence teams continuously revise and update MIRA. The team of medical officers, underwriters and actuaries develop risk based ratings that take into account the latest scientific, medical and clinical findings and analyse their significance from a risk management perspective for use by underwriters.

Our ongoing monitoring includes the experience and findings from our local life underwriting units from around the world. This enables a deep understanding of substandard risks and ensures a quick response to market developments affecting underwriting and claims management.

Risk synopsis

From the data you have entered, MIRA is now able to generate an underwriting risk synopsis complete with rating recommendations. These recommendations can be traced through the risk assessment process, so you are able to see exactly how MIRA has arrived at its results. The risk synopsis can be edited, exported and saved in your own system. If you would like further support or a second opinion from Munich Re, the synopsis can be referred to us using our secure client communication portal, connect.munichre.


We encourage claims assessors to be flexible and innovative in their approach to claims and to take a common sense approach when assessing claims. MIRA claims helps you to look for claims solutions that result in a "win/win" for all parties.

Claims Assessors can:

  • access Munich Re UK's entire life, critical illness and disability claims philosophy, practice and processes
  • access essential tools for claims assessors of all levels of experience
  • receive ‘What's New' items which will keep you up to date with the latest issues affecting claims assessment
  • understand the interaction between medical, occupational, financial and legal issues

Access MIRA

If you would like to find out more about MIRA contact your Business Development Manager in the first instance

Access for registered users

If you already use MIRA you can use this link to access it.