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MIRApply Physician

Digitalises the workflow for requesting, creating and evaluating GP reports in the application process

Accelerating risk assessment and driving excellence

Requesting further information from doctors is one of the greatest sources of delays in the protection application process. This is compounded by the fact that this part of the process is often not digitalised. Individual GP reports, typically written by hand, are associated with a high degree of effort – for doctors and underwriters alike. Moreover, the reports often lack the specific information required. The web-based tool MIRApply Physician increases quality and reduces the degree of effort required by up to 90%!

Application process with and without MIRApply Physician

Fast, secure, up to date: MIRApply

Shorter processing times: The typical time taken to obtain and process information from doctors is reduced by up to 90%. 

MIRA-based decisions: The user receives a reliable risk assessment based on the continuously updated MIRA philosophy.  

Access to data analytics: The completely digitalised data forms the basis for improved portfolio and risk analyses. 

Stringent privacy standards: MIRApply Physician is based on an access-protected website that meets stringent data protection and security standards. 

Straightforward implementation: The application can be integrated seamlessly into existing systems.