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MIRA Digital Suite

The MIRA Digital Suite from Munich Re unlocks the full potential of digitalisation for life insurers.

The MIRA Digital Suite offers short processing times, individual product offers and accessibility via all channels. Its digital services provide the key to more efficient application and claims processes, as well as opening up product innovations and new client groups. The MIRA Digital Suite is based on Munich Re's underwriting philosophy, MIRA. 

Unlock the potential of digitalisation

Discover how we can support you in closing the gaps in your digital processes.

The MIRA Digital Suite explained in two minutes

Many life insurers still have gaps at key points in their digital processes and services, which prevent smart utilisation of big data and artificial intelligence. This is where the MIRA Digital Suite comes into play. It offers a whole host of innovative tools, providing the building blocks for completely new business models. 

Five reasons to choose the MIRA Digital Suite: 

  1. Faster processing times for underwriting and claims handling
  2. Flexibly configured products
  3. Improved risk result 
  4. Access to the latest range of insurance solutions, which are continually updated
  5. Stringent data protection and security standards

The benefits of the MIRA Digital Suite

The digital services in the MIRA Digital Suite improve efficiency by ensuring that your digital application processes are completely seamless. These services eliminate the need for long forms and GP reports that are completed laboriously by hand, and consign the time-intensive processes and long waiting times involved in risk in underwriting to the past. 

MIRApply Physician can help to reduce case processing time by up to 90% - a significant benefit to your customers but also to your operational expenses.

The MIRA Digital Suite generates consistently structured data. Drawn from various areas such as underwriting, this data is integrated into a single platform, making it easier to identify new and more precise findings. You will gain a deep insight into your underwriting, your portfolio and the actuarial impact of specific risk decisions. 

Working together with Munich Re, you will be able to develop new forecasting and prevention models based on these findings. In summary, as well as accelerating your business workflows, the MIRA Digital Suite offers an extremely powerful innovation platform, which can be used flexibly according to your digitalisation strategy.

At Munich Re, we always give our clients the flexibility to choose what works best for them. For this reason, we also offer the option of buying individual modules and services from the MIRA Digital Suite at fair prices. The added value grows with each additional module that you buy — through more comprehensive analyses, deeper insights, co-ordinated processes and common interfaces. 

Rest assured that if you decide to buy individual modules to start with, you won't end up with isolated systems — you will benefit from an intelligently designed platform that can be expanded at any time.

The digital services in the MIRA Digital Suite can be quickly and easily integrated into your business environment and existing workflows. Connection options range from highly individualised through to "plug and play", the latter taking place via access to cloud-based solutions that involve minimal operational or technical effort. 

4 reasons to choose Munich Re

Standardised, continuously up-to-date rules,
with individual rating rules on request
Cloud-based technology
with online access via easily integrated interfaces
Active data protection
with certified, GDPR-compliant security measures
Fully digitalised information
in consistent data formats plus state-of-the-art analysis tools and strategies