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Welcome to natural hazards

Geointelligence is becoming an increasingly important factor in insurance business, as insurers require ever more accurate information on risk locations and estimates of the loss potentials from natural hazards. Munich Re offers a wealth of statistics on natural catastrophes, historical loss data and global hazard maps.
Our internationally renowned services have been used successfully for many years. Find out about the latest advances on our Touch Natural Hazards website and how our dedicated services, such as NatCatSERVICE and NATHAN Risk Suite, can help you in your business.


2017 was a wake-up call. After a number of relatively benign years, natural disasters in 2017 caused overall losses of US$ 340bn. Insurers had to pay out a record US$ 138bn in losses.


Natural catastrophe statistics online – the new NatCatSERVICE analysis tool

NATHAN Risk Suite

Helping our clients to assess natural hazard risks.

Natural Hazards

Basic knowledge on natural hazards such as earthquake, flood, windstorm or drought.

Touch Space Flight

Touch Space - Munich Re

Touch Engineering

Touch Engineering - Munich Re

Expect the unexpected

Natural disasters in Australia & New Zealand increase. Will your business withstand them? Learn more about the scientific facts and economic impacts right now.

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