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Geo Risks Research

When the trend towards rising overall and insured natural catastrophe losses emerged in the 1970s, Munich Re quickly identified this as an area where greater expertise was required, and set up a natural hazards department in 1974. The opinion leadership we have acquired in more than 40 years’ research is now being further extended through cooperation partnerships with specialist institutions and experts worldwide that ultimately result in insurance knowledge.

Experienced geoscientists and insurance experts analyse and evaluate the full spectrum of natural hazards to offer our clients comprehensive information, tools and services in risk management and research. Our expertise also benefits the scientific and research communities, institutions and the media. Our analyses of weather-related natural hazards take full account of the potential effects of climate change.

NatCatSERVICE – The world's most comprehensive natural catastrophe loss database
We have systematically evaluated global natural catastrophes since the 1970s, documenting the results in our NatCatSERVICE loss database. Consequently, our analyses and statistics are based on the world’s most comprehensive database of current and past natural catastrophe losses, with more than 40,000 entries. Approximately 1,000 loss events are added to it each year. The information obtained on the scale of the catastrophes and the losses they produce is then used to analyse regional and global exposures and trends.

Bringing scientific findings into business
Our research unit identifies and analyses risks of change and emerging risks due to natural hazard events and triggered by natural and man-made climate variability. It also investigates a field that receives little attention in the current models: risks from space. The aim of this research is to assess the loss potential associated with new natural hazards and then process that information so that it can be used in our operative business as soon as possible.

Working in liaison with Munich Re’s risk management and a global network of selected experts and research institutions, we deliver state-of-the-art risk analyses at all times.

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