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Board Diversity Policy

Munich Re Syndicate Limited (MRSL) places great emphasis on ensuring that its Board reflects diversity and inclusion in the broadest sense and recognises the benefits of this. A combination of culture, race, demographics, skills, experience, age, gender, sexual orientation, personality, educational and professional background and other relevant attributes can result in:

  • Access to a broader range of markets
  • Innovative solutions to problems
  • Effective challenge to debilitating pressures such as “Group Think”
  • Improved business performance

MRSL is committed to avoiding “tokenism” in this approach. Board appointments are only made following the selection process approved by the Nomination Committee, upon merit, taking into account the specific knowledge, skills, independence and experience required to ensure that the MRSL Board is well-rounded and each member can bring a range of diverse benefits to the board composition.

Any recommendations made for appointments must be explicitly justified with the concept of healthy board diversity and inclusion being encouraged and actively managed by the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee, with support from Human Resources, will co-ordinate the monitoring of board diversity, effectiveness and inclusion on an annual basis to ensure that the intent of this policy is adhered to. The Chair of the MRSL Board will explicitly justify any decision made not to approve of the Nomination Committee’s recommendations.


Syndicate 457 at Lloyd's, managed by Munich Re Syndicate Limited is authorised by Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority.

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