Special Risks
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Special Risks

The Special Risks team offers a wide range of contingency, media and entertainment products.

Coverage available:

  • Event Cancellation – Provides protection for the expenses incurred and lost revenue suffered by event organisers, sponsors, broadcasters and/or individuals, should an unexpected disruption occur to large or small events including: major sports events, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and concert – or any event, large or small.
  • Non-Appearance – Provides cover for the expenses incurred and/or lost revenue suffered by event organisers, sponsors, broadcasters and/or individuals, should a group or any one individual essential to an event fail to appear.
  • Media – Advertising production insurance provides a package policy covering the financial impact to a production company or advertising agency as the result of cancellation or delay in planned shoots and loss/damage to associated equipment and sets.
  • Film Production – A package policy that covers feature films, television productions, documentaries, educational and corporate films.
  • Property and Liability package insurance for the entertainment industry - Provides a package of covers for touring entertainers, promoters, recording studios and other services in the enteratinment industry. 
  • Prize indemnity – Covers the costs to a game promoter or sponsor in the event that an insured game is won. This also includes coverage in the event that a planned budget for a sales promotion is exceeded as a result of more consumers than expected responding to the promotional offer itself.
  • Personal accident insurance - Provides cover for accident, sickness, travel and medical expenses and is avilable for our media and entertainment clients.

Our underwriting team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to a complex and wide-ranging class of business, placing particular emphasis on risk selection and service standards.

Julie Abbott
Senior Special Risks Underwriter
Sarah Berry
Sarah Berry
Special Risks Underwriter