Stream Consortium
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Stream Consortium

The cyber insurance solution for the energy industry


Stream is a Lloyd’s Consortium created to cater for cyber risks within the Energy industry and can provide up to US$ 200m of capacity.

Following from the Lloyd’s Silent Cyber Mandate, clients have found themselves with gaps in cyber coverage within their property placements.
Stream provides companies with ‘back to back’ coverage against the cyber exclusions contained within their property placements alongside a comprehensive suite of traditional cyber coverage tailored to the industry. There is a single point for binding risks and claims handling which is agreed by Munich Re Syndicate on behalf of the Consortium.

Coverage available

Providing coverage that would be excluded by Cyber Exclusion Clauses (e.g. JR2019-013, LMA5400, LMA5426) present in the Insured’s Property Policy and/or Terrorism Policies for Property Damage, Machinery Breakdown, Business Interruption and Operator’s Extra Expense coverages.
Will cover damage to or loss of data as a result if an attack, malware, theft of data, denial of service attack and will cover the cost to repair, restore or recreate the data, incident response costs, decontamination costs, extra expense (e.g. employee overtime) and crisis management costs.
Will cover payment of a cyber ransom, the cost of professionals to negotiate with extortionists or the cost of professionals to unlock data. Cost to recreate data if it cannot be unlocked or restored.
Will cover costs to employ experts/PR firm to provide crisis media management or advertising campaign following a cyber incident.
Will cover an Insured’s legal liability and defence costs resulting from an incident that originated on their systems but infected a third party’s systems.
Will cover cost of investigation, experts fees incurred to adhere to regulatory requirements, notification and communication costs required by data protection legislation.
Will cover an Insured’s legal liability and defence costs resulting from damage to or loss of a third party’s personal data or confidential information.
Will cover Business Interruption as a result of a cyber incident. For non-physical damage BI a typical waiting period is 48 hours.
  • Media Liability.
  • PCI DSS Coverage.


  • Cyber Exclusion Buyback: USD 200m each event and in the aggregate
  • Traditional Cyber Coverages: USD 60m each event and in the aggregate
  • Cyber Exclusion Buyback: USD 125m each event and in the aggregate
  • Cyber Exclusion Buyback: USD 125m each event and in the aggregate
  • Traditional Cyber Coverages: USD 50m each event and in the aggregate 

Additional Benefits of using Munich Re Syndicate

Below are additional services included within the Stream product provided for each Insured by threat intelligence specialists XCyber:

  • ‘Tsunami Buoy’ is a proprietary intelligence platform, enabling a search and detection capability. The system contains billions of intelligence records through a global network of ‘buoys’. The platform gathers relevant intelligence allowing XCyber to provide an alerting and monitoring facility in support of client requirements.
  • Quarterly bulletin which provides specific cyber threat intelligence issues affecting the Energy industry.
  • Up to four calls a year with XCyber to discuss specific or generic intelligence issues raised.
Insurance brokers can contact our team for more information about the Stream Consortium offering.
Georgina Williams
Georgina Williams
Senior Cyber Underwriter
Tom Rego
Tom Rego
Cyber Underwriter

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