Transport, Logistics, Port & Terminals
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Transport, Logistics, Port & Terminals

Munich Re Syndicate Limited offers the underwriting expertise required to respond to the increasing demands placed on ports, terminals, transport and logistics service providers. We have the ability to underwrite the full range of risks associated with handling, storage and distribution of products and goods on a domestic or global basis. 

Coverage available: 

  • Liability – full range of third-party and contractual liability coverage for risks associated with the operation of ports, terminals and transport facilities. This includes liability for bodily injury, third-party property, fines and duties, wrongful delivery and delay
  • Property and Handling Equipment – coverage for all risks of physical loss or damage, including vessel impact and natural perils
  • Business Interruption – coverage for loss of profit and increased costs following a physical loss and arising from a blockage of berth
  • Port Craft – hull & machinery and P&I risks for vessels operating in the port area

Our team knows the importance of staying up to date with this industry’s ever-changing regulations and business environment. Keeping ahead of the curve enables us to anticipate exposures and provide innovative coverage solutions that add tangible value for our clients. Munich Re Syndicate Limited also has an in-house resource for risk management which can be utilised for site surveys, asset reviews and as a client technical liaison on safety issues. 

Chris McKellow
Senior Liability Underwriter