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Munich Re Syndicate Limited has been underwriting space risks for more than 25 years and, as a result, has forged close relationships with many manufacturers and operators in this business. The space account consists of risks relating to the launch, commissioning and in-orbit operation of communication and earth-observation satellites for both commercial and military organisations.

Our underwriting team is passionate about spacecraft design and operation, and it has wide-ranging knowledge of the engineering aspects thereof. This experience and dedication is essential for the successful underwriting of an extremely specialised business.

Coverage available:

  • Coverage is predominantly offered to operators and manufacturers of satellites and rockets domiciled worldwide
  • The Syndicate writes a maximum line of USD 30 million for any one satellite
  • Business is generally written through London Market brokers
  • All products are written on an ‘all-risks’ basis, covering loss or damage to the satellite. For launch risks, the launch vehicle can also be insured 
  • While coverage is generally provided for asset protection, physical loss or damage, we will also consider coverage for loss of revenue
  • We do not cover war, nuclear risks, loss via interference or third-party liability
Mike Jillings
Space Underwriting Manager
Brian Nicholas
Senior Satellite Risk Engineer & Underwriter