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About Munich Re Specialty Group Limited

Today Munich Re Specialty Group Limited lead the Group in which Munich Re Syndicate Limited manage Syndicate 457 at Lloyd’s. As well as operating at Lloyd’s, the Group has developed a global network of service companies located throughout the UK, Ireland, the United States, as well as Asia, with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Labuan, Dubai and also being represented within Lloyd’s China.  A separate unit, Watkins Marine Services, which focuses on transportation-related and energy risk management operates within our Lloyd’s broker, Roanoke International Brokers Limited. 

The Group is a leading player in all lines of Marine and Offshore Energy, War, Political Violence, Space, and Personal Accident. Currently it is further expanding into other Specialty lines such as Contingency, Cyber and Financial Lines.

The growth and stability in its core market have established the Group as strategic within Munich Re’s overall business. The operation has managed to achieve growth whilst retaining its focus on creating a business culture which encourages excellence and innovation, and the careful expansion of its marine and specialty lines of business.


Syndicate 457 at Lloyd's, managed by Munich Re Syndicate Limited is authorised by Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority.

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