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Homesharing Coverage Endorsement

Homesharing Coverage Endorsement

6 Million + Airbnb listings worldwide. $747 Million earned by host age 60+ infographic

Homesharing is growing in popularity – do your policyholders have the coverage they need?            

A growing number of homeowners are renting their residences to the public – but may not realize that they are exposed to commercial property and liability risks. Standard personal lines policies were not designed to cover the modern day commercial risk associated with homesharing.

Losses often occur when individuals elect to share their home with others – resulting in a critical coverage gap and a need for comprehensive protection.

Coverage beyond the standard homeowners policy for homeshare hosts

Major Exposures Covered    

  • Damage to home and personal property
  • Medical expenses for guests
  • Guest property damage
  • Theft on rented premise

Unique Protection Against    

  • Pest control expenses
  • Vandalism to property
  • Water leakage liability
  • Excessive utility costs

Munich Re’s Homesharing Coverage Endorsement unique product benefits

Homeowner’s will now be protected against more exposures than the typical, market standard policy.
Our homeshare coverage can be easily combined with the policyholders existing homeowner’s insurance.    
Advanced knowledge in property exposures helps us better service personal properties being exposed to commercial risks.    

Any descriptions of coverage contained in this presentation are meant to be general in nature and do not include nor are intended to include all of the actual terms, benefits and limitations found in an insurance policy. The insurance policy and not this presentation will form the contract between the insured and insurance company, and governs in all cases. The presentation is for information purposes only and is not intended to be legal, underwriting, financial or any other type of professional advice and the recipient should consult with its own advisors with respect to the information contained herein and its applicability to the recipient’s circumstances. Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. disclaims any and all liability whatsoever resulting from use of or reliance upon this material.

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