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cIQ Cyber
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cIQ Cyber Risk Inspection and Quantification

Empowering decision-makers to prevent bad surprises from cyber threats

Cyber risks are on the rise – do you have the right tools to manage your cyber risks? 

cIQ enables enterprises to analyze and quantify their cyber risks with qualitative and quantitative metrics to support strategic decisions in cyber risk management. 

We quantify your cyber risks to enable you to make the right strategic decisions

Cyber risks are on the rise and are expected to increase with every single step of our society’s technical progress. While direct impacts and side-effects as well as post-incident costs are significantly increasing, we are offering the required data and sound methods to properly quantify your cyber risks. 

cIQ is your trusted partner in managing complex cyber risks for improved security in a highly digitalized and interconnected world. Using the long-standing and deep expertise from Munich Re, cIQ is able to grant unparalleled insights into cyber risks. Thereby we can provide benchmarking, scores, and ratings, allowing that decisionmakers at large corporates are able to better understand their cyber risk profiles.

Your benefits

  • cIQ enables leaders and decision-makers of large enterprises to professionally manage their cyber risks with quantified financial metrics incl. worst case, modelled large and modelled average losses.
  • cIQ’s top-down approach supports strategic decision-making and can complement existing cyber risk assessments.
  • cIQ provides an overview of the organisation’s cyber exposure via a set of heatmaps, and gives a detailed analysis of their overall information security and risks metrics. The calculated overall cIQ metrics are broken down to data breach, business interruption, financial theft. 
  • cIQ is a standardised and repeatable approach that allows recurring cyber risk assessments in order to monitor risks and track security improvements.
  • cIQ enables easy defence optimisation and scenario planning recommendations by simulating the effects of security or organisational changes.
Repeatable top-down quantification approach based on industry standards.
Data model built & operated by cyber experts & underwriters with years of experience.
Aggregated data input and intuitive SaaS platform leading to quick result output.
Quantification successfully applied with over 4,000 large global corporates.
Lean and fast
Aggregated data input and intuitive SaaS platform leading to quick result output.
From enhancing existing risk management frameworks to strategic scenario planning, cIQ offers many opportunities also for repeatable risk quantifications. Do you want to learn more about how we can help you bringing your company’s cyber security to the next level? Get in touch with us today!

We are hiring! If you are an expert in cyber risks, data modelling, or product please send us a message!

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Our experts
Hermann Kramer
Hermann Kramer
Senior Cyber Consultant
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Philipp Sackl-O’Neill
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Inga Mende
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Theresa Barsy
Junior Cyber Consultant
Benno Kröger
Cyber Specialist