Electrical Inspections

Fires in buildings cause millions of pounds in damages and injure hundreds of people each year. Property electrical loads have increased, in some cases beyond the capacity of the incoming supply and distribution systems.

London Fire Brigade records show fires where a consumer unit was identified as the source of ignition has increased by over 900% in the past 10 years(1). The Home Office advise that 12% of fire incidents and fatalities in 2014/15 had electrical distribution as the source of ignition(2). Regular inspection of electrical wiring is required by legislation.

HSB Engineering Insurance Services can help you reduce electrical wiring fire risks through our extensive inspection expertise.

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Following the July 2018 release of the 18th edition of the UK Wiring Regulations, property owners and commercial landlords must have an adequate level of understanding of the changes in order to remain compliant.
With electrical distribution being the main source of ignition in commercial fires (across England, Scotland and Wales), there is an ever-increasing risk of property damage and personal injury.
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2. Fire Statistics England, 2014/15 (Home Office)