Introducing our new and improved user-centric website

Our new website has been redesigned from the ground up, improving the user experience and presenting our solutions in a more relevant, engaging way.

A new design: simple to use, easy to navigate

The new website balances form and function. Drawing inspiration directly from our brand, it blends our ability to develop and deliver innovative, forward-thinking risk solutions with the precise nature of the engineering and technology insurance and inspection sectors; represented in clear, simple-to-use layouts. The curiosity and liveliness at the heart of our mission is represented on our site in vivid colours and dynamic animations.

Welcome home: everything in its place

The new homepage gives a succinct overview of the company at a single glance, allowing a speedy navigation through the sites. Brokers, customers, jobseekers, insurance companies, MGAs - everyone now has quick, easy access to the topics that matter the most.

Making contact: putting experts front and centre

We want you to be able to get in touch with us as quickly as possible - our contacts are prominently displayed throughout the site, clearly highlighted on each relevant page.

Finding inspiration: shining light on new topics

Dig deeper into topics and get a 360° perspective on the things that matter most. Offering an empowering glimpse into a particular topic, we provide articles, technical bulletins, downloads, job openings and more. Our insights provide context on issues, showing how risks and solutions are interlinked, as well as highlighting products and services that HSB offers.

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