Inspection FAQ

HSB Canada is Canada's premier supplier of equipment breakdown insurance. The company has been in existence since 1875 providing technical expertise and insurance.
HSB Canada insures and inspects a wide variety of equipment, not just boilers. Perhaps a better term would be equipment breakdown insurance. Some people are not even aware that they have this coverage as it may be included in their commercial property insurance. HSB Canada is available to assist in any case.
If it is the first time that a HSB Canada inspector has visited he will first meet with you to better understand your business and then look at the equipment in your facility, relative to the coverage which you have with your insurance. Depending on what is insured he will ask you questions about your operation etc. If you have a regulated pressure vessel or boiler, and are in a province that allows it, he will make arrangements to issue a certificate of inspection for this piece of equipment. Any information you provide is for insurance purposes only, and is held confidentially by HSB Canada. Subsequent visits focus primarily on updating information and certificates.
Both the insurance company and the insureds benefit from an open exchange of information. In order to provide insurance to you, HSB Canada do need to understand what they are insuring – hence the visit. As part of the visit HSB Canada can offer loss prevention information, a benefit to you.
There is no charge for the inspection. It is a service that is provided with your insurance.
Your broker has put your best interests at heart in arranging equipment breakdown coverage for you. Brokers are usually aware that an inspector may call on their insureds, however HSB Canada does not co-ordinate the visits through the brokers. We deal directly with the insureds. By all means discuss the upcoming inspection with your broker if you wish.
Depending on the provincial requirements certain boilers and pressure vessels require a current certificate of inspection in order to legally operate the equipment. Depending on provincial regulations HSB Canada may be able to provide this certificate as part of their service to you