Home Cyber Protection

Cyber security insurance coverage for today‘s consumers

Cyber perils leave individuals vulnerable

Computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, connected appliances and other equipment are essential to homeowners’ personal lives. But they also create avenues for cyber attackers to infiltrate a homeowner’s personal network in order to cause data and systems damage, steal information, extort money and commit fraud.

If a homeowner experienced hacking, it could create significant expenses, including:

  • Damage from cyber attacks
  • Data that could be held for ransom
  • Loss from fraud
  • Notifying people whose personal information was stolen

Cyber coverage for homeowners and tenants

HSB Home Cyber Protection adapts cyber insurance previously available only to businesses, and designs and prices it specifically for homeowners and tenants. It’s a suite of unique, innovative coverages, to protect anyone who uses computers and connected home devices, stores information electronically, and accesses data online – which is just about everyone.

HSB Home Cyber Protection Coverages:

  • Cyber Attack, to remove malware on a computing or connected home device, recover data and restore systems
  • Cyber Extortion, with professional assistance on how best to respond to a ransomware attack, and payment of ransom when approved
  • Online Fraud, for losses due to identity theft, unauthorized bank and credit card transfers, forgery of cheques, counterfeit currency, and intentional and criminal deception
  • Data Breach, including forensic IT and legal reviews, notification, fraud alert and identity recovery services when private non-business data entrusted to an individual is lost, stolen or published

HSB Home Cyber Protection is available through our Client Company partners.