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Home Cyber Protection

Cyber insurance coverage for homeowners

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    Home Cyber Protection is a suite of unique, innovative cyber insurance coverages, to protect anyone who uses computers and connected home devices, stores information electronically, and accesses data online.

    Typical personal line policies do not cover these types of cyber threats.

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    Cloud services, computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, game consoles, connected appliances, and other equipment have become essential, but they also create avenues for cyber attackers to infiltrate a network and cause data and systems damage, steal information, extort money, and commit fraud.

    Being hacked could create major expenses, such as damage from cyber attacks, demand for ransom, loss from fraud, and notification of those affected.

    What does cyber insurance for homeowners include?

    Computer attack
    Removes malware and restores software on computers, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, or other internet access points.
    Identity recovery
    Combines identity theft expense reimbursement coverage with full-service ID theft restoration services to save time for customers who experience identity theft
    Social media income interruption
    Includes coverage for social media income loss resulting from a cyber attack or the account takeover of a social media influencer
    Online fraud
    Pays for losses resulting from identity theft, phishing schemes, illegal bank and credit card transfers, forgery, counterfeit currency, and other deceptions
    Home systems attack
    Restores devices connected to the internet, including smartphones, thermostats, smart appliances, and security and monitoring systems
    Data breach
    Includes costs associated with forensic IT and legal reviews as well as notification and recovery services when private non-business data entrusted to an individual is lost, stolen, or published
    Cyber extortion
    Provides professional assistance on how to respond to a ransomware attack and payment of the ransom (when approved)
    Home title fraud
    Provides coverage for home title fraud costs resulting from an identity theft, including lawyer and court filing fees for the recovery of the title
    Pays for the costs of recovering from a cyberbullying attack, from psychiatric counseling services and legal expenses to temporary relocation expenses, social media monitoring software, and more

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